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St Mary, Newhouse

Parish Priests are Fr. Augustine and Fr Francisco assisted by Sr Shienrose and Sr Maria Dee Lacson.

St Mary’s is a parish of the Diocese of Lancaster. It is based around the villages of Broughton, Barton and Myerscough.

The origins of the Catholic faith community in these parts is lost in the mists of time. Much of the story of its people and priests, a long and proud tradition, is also lost to us.

The first church we have record of is a small chapel on the Hough Estate in 1731. This was replaced in 1744 by St Laurence’s New chapel. In 1805 a new church was built and dedicated to St Mary and for 100 years until 1905 this served the local Catholic community.

The present church was the gift of William Smith of Newsham House. It was consecrated in 1906 and is still at the heart of our community. It has changed over the 100+ intervening years, but its original features and interest has been largely retained.

You are very welcome to visit at any time or attend Mass or any other Services.

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