Section 48 RE Report

Guide us O God to be the best we can be; in every thought, in every word and every deed

“St. Mary and St. Andrew’s is an outstanding Catholic school. Staff, pupils, parents and governors justifiably speak with great pride about their school. There is an appreciation of all that they achieve together alongside a deep commitment to continued improvement.  Across the whole school there is an atmosphere of love, support and challenge. The Catholic ethos is treasured by staff, governors and pupils alike. The school motto ‘Guide us, O God, to be the best people that we can be’ is lived out by staff, pupils and governors. Leaders and managers effectively promote the Catholic Life of the school, through the example they set and their focus on keeping Christ at the centre of all that they do. The school environment demonstrates the high importance placed on the Catholic Life of the school – not just in the beautiful displays around the school – but also in the playground where children chalk the names of children who have shown they have a ‘heart that sees’ on the wall.”

Final RE inspection report May2017