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Kooth Northwest – Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources


Kooth provide free, safe and anonymous support to all young people on across the North. All resources and engagement offers are free for schools, services and young people to access. It is commissioned by the CCG and is staffed by clinical psychologists and accredited counsellors.

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Top tips for good mental health and wellbeing


Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr Alex George has shared his ‘top five tips’ for young people’s good mental health and wellbeing. This is live on the Department for Education’s YouTube channel.

As an A&E doctor, Dr Alex will use his clinical expertise to champion and shape government work to improve support for young people in schools, colleges and universities, as well as his personal experience having lost his brother to suicide last year. He will also sit on the new Mental Health in Education Action Group.

The NHS have produced some excellent supporting materials which can be found here: 

Five minutes is all you need to read about the five-steps-to-well-being!

In addition to the links above, we would like to share with you a series of videos and activities that all member of our school community may find helpful in securing good mental health. 

Episode 1 – Anxiety 

Episode 2 – Communicating about Mental Health

Episode 3 – Social Media & Self Image

Episode 4 – Stress & Coping Strategies

Episode 5 – Depression

Episode 6 – Eating Disorders & Body Image

Episode 7 – Beliefs, Self-Esteem & Confidence

Episode 8 – Resilience, Peer-Pressure & Bullying

Episode 9 – Mindfulness & Visualisation