Welcome to Wren’s Class! 

We are a happy, active and inquisitive class of Reception and Year 1 children who love to explore, investigate and learn in practical ways, using and applying our skills both indoors and out.

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Autumn Term 2017

Infant Nativity

Well done to all our brilliant singers, dancers, musicians, actors and actresses, who reminded us all in such a joyful way, of the real meaning of Christmas.  ‘Joining Joseph, the Joiners Family’ was a wonderful Nativity ably performed by all our EYFS & KS1 children and received rave reviews from parents, grandparents and friends of school.

Christmas Problem Solving

Elves in Wrens Class have been busy helping Santa sort out all his presents for delivery. They had to order them by size and measure them to make sure they could fit in the sleigh.  We even made a tower of presents that was taller than the Christmas tree.  Year 1 Wrens measured it in centimetres and metres.  Great maths problem solving Wrens!

Nurse Ben Visit

It was a good job Nurse Ben came to visit Wrens last week; we had so many injuries! Fortunately, Nurse Ben brought lots of equipment with him and was able to demonstrate lots of skills. He talked about his role as a nurse and how he helps people. A great visit!

Police Officer Visit

We were delighted to welcome one of our parents, who came to talk to us about his job as a police officer and how he helps people. Wrens were delighted to sit in the patrol car, and try out all the buttons; what a noise we made! We also got to try on real police uniform and had fun with the fingerprinting kit too.

Mountain Rescue


“Wrens 1, Wrens 1, do you recieve me? Over.” That was our call sign as we worked with members of Bowland and Pennine Mountain Rescue Team to recreate a search and rescue situation, as part of our ‘People who help us’ topic. We pretended that someone was lost on a hillside in the fog and we needed to find them and rescue them safely. We had to split into search teams and keep in contact with ‘walkie-talkies’. Then, when we’d found the missing person, we had to carry them safely on a special stretcher to the Land Rover. Brilliant team work Wrens!

Such visits really spark the children’s interest and enthusiasm, giving them lots to talk and write about. We’ve since had fun making our own walkie talkies and acting out what we did and Y1 children are looking forward to writing their own rescue stories.

Over and out!

Baking for Macmillan

“The best bit about getting ready for a cake sale is licking the bowl!”


First Days at School

A warm welcome to all our new children and their families.  Reception Class children are settling into school life extremely well; they are happy, busy and full of fun as our pictures show.  We look forward to working with you and your children in the coming year. A GREAT START WRENS, WELL DONE!

Summer Term 2017

Wrens Summer Garden Party

‘What a wonderful day we had on Friday at Wrens Garden Party! The children had been busy all week making tasty treats for us all to enjoy. We were delighted that so many of our families and friends could join us for a truly delightful afternoon. The children were wonderful waiters and waitresses, taking our visitors’ orders for afternoon tea. The event was perfectly rounded off by a short ‘concert’ by the children. As one guest said, “it was a right good do!”

Many thanks to all who supported this event. It was wonderful to welcome you all to Wrens’ Class.

Florence Nightingale


‘In history recently, we have enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale. One of our mums is a nurse and she came in to talk to us about what it’s like to be a nurse today, compared with Florence’s time long ago. We had great fun trying out different equipment and playing hospitals in the role play area. Great work Wrens!


‘May; the month of Mary’. Wrens were magnificent as they ably led our school community in devotions to Mary, the mother of Jesus, during our recent May procession. It was lovely to be able to join in prayer with our whole school family to celebrate and give thanks for Mary, our mother and patron of our school.’


‘Wrens have been busy using their ‘green fingers’ and planting up bedding plants and vegetables in our little yard. We’ve planted pumpkins, onions, potatoes, carrots, beans and tomatoes in the hope that we will have a rich and varied harvest in the Autumn term. We just need to work on our watering skills – perhaps a little over-enthusiastic!’

Spring Term 2017

‘We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow..’ that’s what our excited Wrens were singing before their eagerly anticipated trip to the zoo recently. The children were able to use their classifying skills and knowledge of different kinds of animals to enhance their learning during our recent topic of ‘Animals and their habitats’. Highlights of the day included a zoo-keeper style workshop where we got very close to some of the animals and were able to hold them and the amazing sea lion display.’


‘Are you a carnivore, an omnivore or a herbivore? Wrens think they are ‘biscuitvores’! We had great fun recently making (and eating) animal biscuits. We followed the instructions in the recipe step by step, carefully weighed out all the ingredients and used our hands to mix the dough together! There was even some flour left for us to practise writing our names in. Very busy Wrens!

And the biscuits…they were delicious!!

‘Wrens are busy learning about animals and their habitats. We’ve enjoyed being animal detectives outside, looking for evidence of animal activity. We’ve found all sorts of clues; footprints, burrows and even poo! We’ve talked about micro-habitats and had fun hunting for bugs and small creatures that can live in small places. Our magnifying glasses were a real help!

We’ve also been using non-fiction texts to help us find out about animals around the world and Year 1 have been using indexes to help them find and retrieve information. We’re looking forward to making our own animal information book with some of the facts we’ve gathered.

What a lot of amazing animals God created in his wonderful world! YR children have enjoyed painting some of them and sorting small world animals into groups and using them to act out stories. Great work Wrens!’

Visiting Animals

As part of our topic work on animals, Wrens class enjoyed a ‘bring your pet to school day’. The children were very keen to talk about their pets and ask questions too. We found out all sorts of information!

















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