Welcome to Wren’s Class! 

We are a happy, active and inquisitive class of Reception and Year 1 children who love to explore, investigate and learn in practical ways, using and applying our skills both indoors and out.

Spring Term 2017


‘Are you a carnivore, an omnivore or a herbivore? Wrens think they are ‘biscuitvores’! We had great fun recently making (and eating) animal biscuits. We followed the instructions in the recipe step by step, carefully weighed out all the ingredients and used our hands to mix the dough together! There was even some flour left for us to practise writing our names in. Very busy Wrens!

And the biscuits…they were delicious!!

‘Wrens are busy learning about animals and their habitats. We’ve enjoyed being animal detectives outside, looking for evidence of animal activity. We’ve found all sorts of clues; footprints, burrows and even poo! We’ve talked about micro-habitats and had fun hunting for bugs and small creatures that can live in small places. Our magnifying glasses were a real help!

We’ve also been using non-fiction texts to help us find out about animals around the world and Year 1 have been using indexes to help them find and retrieve information. We’re looking forward to making our own animal information book with some of the facts we’ve gathered.

What a lot of amazing animals God created in his wonderful world! YR children have enjoyed painting some of them and sorting small world animals into groups and using them to act out stories. Great work Wrens!’

Visiting Animals

As part of our topic work on animals, Wrens class enjoyed a ‘bring your pet to school day’. The children were very keen to talk about their pets and ask questions too. We found out all sorts of information!

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