We are Robins Class and we have a mixture of  Year 1’s and Year 2’s. We love P.E and  doing different science experiments. Playing outside is one of our favourite things to do so we enjoy using the outdoor classroom!

Current Curriculum Map


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Previous Curriculum Maps


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Click here for the Summer Term 2017 Curriculum Map

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Class Timetable

Spring Term 2018

Robins have been finding out about Christopher Columbus.  The classroom was turned into a sailing ship and they wrote a message in a bottle on their experiences.

Autumn Term 2017

Infant Nativity

Well done to all our brilliant singers, dancers, musicians, actors and actresses, who reminded us all in such a joyful way, of the real meaning of Christmas.  ‘Joining Joseph, the Joiners Family’ was a wonderful Nativity ably performed by all our EYFS & KS1 children and received rave reviews from parents, grandparents and friends of school.

Museum of Science & Industry

Just before half term Robins went on a class trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Our main purpose for going was to see the robot exhibition, where there were over 100 robots!

We also got to watch a show called ‘Robots vs Humans’, which involved robots and humans carrying out tasks to see which one is better. The children were able to join and they even had a dance off with a robot. The humans won!

The children really enjoyed the trip and they learnt lots about different types of robots, what robots can be used for and how robots are different to humans.

Open Day

On Open Day, Robins were exploring the five senses of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight.

We tasted different types of foods to decide what they were, such as sweet, sour or bitter.

To explore sound, we played Chinese Whispers. Sight was tested by wearing blindfolds and having to follow friends’ instructions to piece jigsaws together.  Lastly, the sense of smell was challenged by guessing what things were, by smelling them.

Spring Term 2017

On Tuesday 31st January, Father Tim showed Robins Class around church.  He talked to the children about what Catholics do when they come to church. He also showed the children the different signs, symbols and objects in church.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand what Catholics do when they go to church. (AT1 ii)
  2. To recognise the signs and symbols in church. (AT1 iii)


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