Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium: funding and accountability for schools

Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil Premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. The premium is provided to enable these pupils to be supported to reach their potential. The Government has identified from the school census, pupils registered for free school meals, looked after children, those adopted from care and service children as indicators of deprivation. Fixed funding is provided within the school budget and schools are asked to look at the needs of their children.

At St Mary and St Andrew’s, because of the relatively low numbers of pupils identified, and the diverse needs of the group we regularly review and personalise our offer. Through the cycle of teaching and learning and vitally knowing our children as individuals, we identify any barriers to learning and  develop strategies to help them overcome these.  The impact of our interventions is analysed so that we can then adapt our practice.

We have high aspirations and ambitions for all our children and firmly believe that we enhance the academic, personal and social and spiritual growth of each child.  As such we believe in improving provision across the curriculum to help children achieve their full potential.

Pupil Premium Grant 2015- 2016: £12,456

Our four key objectives 2015-2016:

1.Smooth Transition of pupils to KS2 and High School:

  • Use of C Barker rather than supply to support teaching in KS1.
  • Use of TAs to support extra visits for those children who would find the move to high school more challenging.


2.Enhanced opportunity in Upper KS2:

  • Funding was spent on an extra teaching assistant in Jays and Eagles classes to support Pupil Premium children. Smaller group work and differentiated learning, both independent and with adult help, aided pupil premium children of contrasting abilities to make good progress.   
  • IDL was purchased and used to provide a measurable program to support children with dyslexic tendencies.
  • Aiming High: Pupils who would not have been able to access extra-curricular opportunities were funded by the PPG.


3.Access to IT:

  • Purchasing further iPads, thereby developing the use of technologies by Pupil Premium children (increased timetabling of iPads to appropriate classes.)


4.Wider opportunities:

  • Blackburn Music Festival –staff training and transport for children
  • Lancashire Dance festival- staff training


Pupil Premium Grant 2016- 2017: £ 12, 460

Our three key objectives 2016-2017:

1.Pastoral: Smooth Transition of pupils to High School and integration into St Mary and St Andrew’s:

  • Use of TAs to support extra visits for those children who would find the move to high school more challenging.
  • Extra support and visit of teacher and TA for new starter.


2.Curriculum: Enhanced opportunity and intervention:

  • Frequent access to small group work, differentiated supported and individual learning. Use of ‘Daily Do ‘ so that intervention is teacher assessed and specific.
  • Very low teacher to pupil ratio with additional well qualified TA support. (Eagles)


3.Curriculum: To further develop the teaching of writing and literacy provision to enable PPG pupil to make at least expected progress:

  • Training from Lancashire literacy consultants into developing writing. Subject leader is class teacher and thereby will enhance provision.  This will impact on PP pupil’s attainment.
  • Continuation of IDL.


4.Pastoral: To develop children’s emotional and social behaviours so that they feel confident in dealing with a variety of social situations:

  • Lead learners group: Supported and child lead learning opportunities which practice social skills.
  • Growth Mindset training
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