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St Andrew & Blessed George Haydock

Parish Priest Canon Adrian Towers and Deacon Rev John Cliffe

St Andrew and Blessed George Haydock is situated in Cottam, Lancashire, England

The parish is sited in a rural area to the North West of Preston and comes under the jurisdiction of the Lancaster RC diocese which is Registered Charity No. 234331

A Brief History of the Church & School of St Andrew's - by John Cookson

There has been a priest at Cottam for almost three hundred years.  The original chapel which is said to have been situated in the field opposite the present church was demolished by a mob from Preston in 1715 and the priest, Rev Gilbert Haydock, taken prisoner.  His successor, Rev John Kendal, converted a barn for use as a chapel.

With the closure of the Parish Primary School in 1989, Fr W Alfred Parker commenced the building of the Haydock Room, together with alterations to the presbytery adjoining the church.   The Haydock Room has proved to be a great asset to the parish.

For further information about the old St Andrew's Primary School, please clickhere ► Old School