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As well as staff led clubs run during lunch times we have a variety of clubs run by outside agencies, including sports, drama, language and music.  Please see the current timetable below for details:

Extra-curricular Clubs and Activities Autumn 2016

Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities Spring 2017

Young Police Cadets – Year 5 & 6


The Police Cadets has now been running over the last few months and hopefully the children are enjoying their first experiences of this new venture. You may not be aware but being part of the cadets means your child is one of the group of over 650 cadets we have in Lancashire. The group we run at school is a trial looking at introducing primary school children into the Police family. I’m a firm believer that police coming into schools working with children at this age is important.  It builds relationships between police and children which is so important, particularly in future years as they get older.

In the first few weeks cadets have been looking at community work, learning about the areas we live in, the importance of neighbourhoods and understanding the diverse backgrounds that our communities present. We talked about respecting each other and the things around us. This community work is the first part of the Duke of Cornwall award which we are working towards every cadet achieving.

Last week was slightly different with the Wildlife and Rural Crime Trailer coming to school. I know you won’t find many of the animals that were on the trailer running around Barton or the local area, but from time to time, last minute we will be presented with opportunities to show the Cadets different aspects of Police work. The Wildlife Crime Unit is based in Scotland and has officers dedicated to wildlife crime throughout the country. Both myself and Dave are attached to this unit along with our neighbourhood role that we carry out. During the last session, we had the cadets producing posters highlighting wildlife crime. One of these will be chosen for use in the trailer as it goes around the country, highlighting the work we are doing locally here in Lancashire.

As part of the cadets, the children have been issued uniform.  At the moment they have just received a cap and T shirt, hopefully next year we will be looking at the remainder of the uniform so that they have the same clothing as the senior cadets.

Below you will find photos of the Cadets at the club so you can see what they are up to.

As we said right at the start, we want to involve you as parents as much as we can. In the new year we have plans to visit the Police Mounted Branch at Hutton.  You will be more than welcome to come along and join us and see the work for yourselves. We are trying to sort a visit to the Police Dog Unit along with First Aid training by the North West Ambulance service. Just after half term in February, we are hoping for a team building day at Waddecar, this is likely to be a Saturday or Sunday. This will be the first time some of our cadets meet the older cadets as they will be in attendance to help on the day. I will keep you informed on all the dates for the activities mentioned. We have some funding, so hopefully all of this will be free.  All we ask is that parents can assist with transport to venues etc.

As Christmas and the new year approaches, I just wanted to say a special thank you to Mrs Cross and her team for all the support over the year and particularly allowing us to run the cadets in school. We hope you all have a happy, enjoyable and safe Christmas. To every cadet, well done for all your hard work, we really do appreciate you being part of this venture.   We are planning lots of exciting things for the new year and look forward to working with you all in the months to come.

Chris and Dave

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