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Our Open Day this year is on Wednesday 18th October. You are welcome to come and visit our lovely school between 9:30-11:30 and 1:30-3:00.





Isaac Towers – Paralympic Athlete



The whole school enjoyed a visit from Paralympic Bronze medalist Isaac Towers.  He inspired the children with his message of  ‘being the best you can be’ and ‘not letting difficulties put you off’.  From the questions the children asked Isaac, we may have a few budding athletes ourselves with their eyes on a prize!

Year 6 Trip to London and the Houses of Parliament


Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous trip to London – always the highlight of their school year! Yet again, we were blessed with a warm, sunny day. We began the morning with a flight on the Eye, taking in the breathtaking sights of London. We then visited number 10, and even got to meet Larry, the Prime Minister’s cat! After a rest for lunch in St James’ Park, we walked past Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey to Parliament. There we enjoyed a 3600 cinema experience about the history of democracy in Britain, followed by  a tour of Parliament, even walking through the Houses of Lords and Commons. We concluded our day with a cruise along the Thames from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge. A truly memorable day! 

Wrens trip to Hoghton Tower


‘Wrens stepped back in time recently when they visited Hoghton Tower. Les, our tour guide, instructed us all that he could only show Lords and Ladies round the house, so we all had to dress up! As if that wasn’t exciting enough we danced in the ballroom, visited the dungeons, met some smelly peasants and some equally smelly wigs, looked at the miniature dolls houses, met a skeleton called Jimmy and were knighted by King James I for services to excellence! We were even joined by a very enthusiastic old elf! We had a fabulous day and the children are relieved that they don’t have to wait a year for a bath, like they did in 1617. Imagine…!’

Update on Luke’s Wish


Luke Hughes – post operation update

Owls Class Trip to the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester



Mini Mucker


Congratulations to the children who took part in Mini Mucker 2017, they did a fantastic job to raise funds for our school.

Becky Adlington Visits Our School

Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Becky Adlington, came to our school for a day of filming with our children, promoting the benefits of citrus fruits and healthy eating with Jaffa.  The children had great fun taking part in filming and interviews – they even got a chance to touch her Gold & Bronze Medals!

Writing Competition


Congratulations to Dan, Jacob, Lewis, Sara, Sanvi, Noah and Alex who are this year’s writing competition winners.  We were very impressed by their choice of vocabulary and structure and the flow of their stories.  All the children won a fiction book which they’ll be able to enjoy reading over the holiday.









This year we will be raising funds, during Advent, for Luke’s Wish – Tree of Hope.

Luke is the Grandson of  Mrs Bulman who was a teacher here at St Mary & St Andrews for many years, and still comes in on a volunteer basis helping out in Robin’s Class. Our School Council decided to help raise money for Luke’s operation after he came in to school and told everyone about it.  Events organised so far are a Christmas Jumper Day, Smartie Challenge, Travelling Nativity and collections at our Christmas Productions.  Further details of these will be sent home or can be found on our weekly newsletter.  Here is a full list of our Christmas Activities, click on it to download a PDF copy:


You can also donate direct to Luke’s Wish – Tree of Hope by clicking the link.

travelling-nativity travelling-nativity-2nativity








Owls Class Trip to Manchester Opera House

On Thursday 17th November Owls Class went to Manchester Opera House to watch George’s Marvellous Medicine.  The journey was exciting because we didn’t know what would happen.  When we got to Manchester Opera House we waited for a bit then we went in. After we sat down the show started.  It was amazing when grandma grew threw the roof and the chicken sat on the stove.  In the middle of the show we waited in our seats then it started for the second time.  This time grandma got smaller and smaller until she disappeared; I don’t know how she did it.  By Ethan & Max














Visit to Preston Uclan

On Thursday 17th November Jays and Eagles visited Uclan for a day of sport hosted by students from both Uclan and France.  The children learnt popular French playground games and learnt many new skills. Thank you to Uclan for the opportunity.

uni-paris-and-uclan1 uni-paris-and-uclan2 uni-paris-and-uclan3 uni-paris-and-uclan4 uni-paris-and-uclan5 uni-paris-and-uclan6













Jays Class Trip to Blackpool Tower & Dungeon

Wednesday 16th November

Jays have had a ‘horrible’ time at Blackpool Tower, where 1000 years of Lancashire’s most horrible history was brought back to life. Firstly the effects of the plague and how it spread and a look into crazy cures. Secondly a look into the torture that took place at Lancaster Castle in 1458, where Mrs Wilson had the unfortunate chance to demonstrate. Next was a 1649 court where William, Lucy and Mrs Garner were put on trial for a range of misdemeanors.

Following this, the children prepared for a war of the Roses. Moving into 1710 Captain Johnson was trying to recruit new smugglers into his gang to help at the port of the River Wyre. After finding their way through the Labyrinth, some of the children were charged with associating themselves with the Pendle witches and were sentenced to the drop dead ride.

The children were also given the opportunity to experience the 4D cinema before walking on the glass floor and making the windy walk to the top of the tower. The children enjoyed looking out over Blackpool and spotting their favourite landmarks.

After lunch in the Hangman’s tavern the children enjoyed the chance to listen to Norry Ashcroft’s workshop on anti-bullying; the children learnt about their own self worth and how to tackle difficult situations.


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Robins Class Trip to Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery

Tuesday 15th November

On Tuesday Robins went on their class trip and we had a wonderful time. When we arrived at the museum, Steven, our guide, showed us the museum’s collection of old toys. The children asked lots of questions and were particularly interested in the ‘creepy, old doll’!

After that, we went upstairs and Steven showed the children some more old toys but this time they got the opportunity to play with them! The children enjoyed playing with the toys and so did the adults!

Next, the children made their own ‘cup and ball’ which they then got to take home. Finally the children ate their lunch and we got the coach back to school.

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Open Day & Grand Opening of the Outdoor Classroom

Thursday 13th October

Big thanks to Preston North End Community and Education Trust and the players, Ben Pringle & Callum Robinson, who officially opened the Outdoor Classroom.

cut-ribbon eagles_ben_callum

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